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The Adonis Mission (Chapter 20) Tragedy, Hope and New Beginnings

Sunday, July 22nd
Cape Neddick, Maine

After Jon had retrieved Alexis from the airport they had eaten a brief breakfast and were now strolling along the Yorks. Alexis was chattering on about her recent trip to New York and how she had come down with some mysterious 24 hour bug and they'd had to cancel the book signing and talk show appearance and reschedule in two weeks.

Jon was just glad to have her home. Even though she'd been gone but for two days he'd missed her. Today his kids would be coming and he could tell through Alexis' chatter that she was nervous about meeting them for the first time.

"Hey babe, we'd better get our butts in gear," he said. "The kids plane will be coming in about an hour from now."

Alexis stopped and turned to him, a slightly worried look in her blue green eyes. Jon seeing that pulled her close and said, "Please don't be worried love. It's all gonna be just fine. Trust ol' Johnny here."

She smiled at him as his mouth found hers and they kissed deeply. Then arms around each other, they walked back to his house.

Shortly thereafter they left the house and got into the limo on their way to the airport...

* * *

Later that afternoon Olivia had just gotten off the phone with Richie and told him she was on her way to the airport. She said the limo should be there in about 45 minutes to an hour and then afterward she hurried downstairs and left.
She called Alexis on the way and when her sister answered she could hear the sounds of kids voices in the background.

"Hey sis, so what do you think of Jon's kids?" she asked. "Is everything going okay?"
"Well," Alexis replied "It's obvious they've had good upbringing. Jacob and Jesse seem very sweet and at least they've been talking to me. Romeo seems to be just fine with me. He told me I was 'boo ful,' Alexis laughed.
"Well at least we know there's nothing wrong with his eyes," Olivia joked.
"But what about Stephanie?"
"Well," Alexis said, "She's been polite enough but kind of quiet. I think it may take some time with her. After all I'm sure it seems strange to her to see her dad involved with another woman, you know?"
Olivia said she understood. Then they talked for a bit and she said her and Richie would come over when they got back and the girls then said goodbye.

* * *

By 7pm that evening Alexis and Jon were out on the patio, while all three of his boys were on the lawn playing frisbee.
Stephanie was sitting on the edge of the patio talking to one of her friends on the phone as Jon and Alexis talked.
Jon was saying, "I can tell all four like you Alex. I told you, you had nothing to worry about didn't I?"
Alexis whispered, "Well I'm not too sure about Stephanie, as she hasn't talked a whole lot."
"It will just take a little time with her, don't worry, she just needs to get to know you for a bit," Jon told her.

Just then his cell phone went off. He picked it up off of the umbrella table, and answered. His cheery smiling face suddenly got very somber and he said, "When?"
Alexis seeing a grave look on his face, said, "What is it?"
But Jon didn't answer, he instead quietly closed the phone and turned and looked at her.
He looked like he had suddenly aged by at least ten years.

"That was the hospital in Augustus. There's been an accident Alex." His voice was shaking and Alexis had a burning feeling in her stomach.
She stood up as did Jon. She turned her back to him. "Is it Olivia?" she asked her voice trembling.

"On her way to the airport the limo was hit by an out of control semi truck," Jon answered. Alexis turned and faced him then. His eyes told her there was more.
"Then we'd better get to the hospital Jon," she said and turned to start back into the house, but Jon stopped her.
"Alex," he said pulling her close and whispering in her ear. He hesitated briefly and then said, "She didn't make it, baby, Jesus, I'm so fucking sorry."

Alexis froze in his arms and then pulled away to look at his face. "Are you saying, that my sister's dead?" As tears glimmered in Jon's eyes, he nodded and Alexis felt a huge sob wrench out of her throat as she said, "No, Oh God no!"

She swayed on her feet as the sobs started, huge wrenching sobs, that absolutely curdled Jon's insides. All of his kids stopped, stunned and were looking at the both of them. Jon picked Alexis up in his arms as she continued to cry her face buried in his shoulder. On his way back into the house he yelled back to his daughter, "Stephanie please keep your eyes on Romeo and Jacob!" She nodded her eyes big with curiosity at what had just happened.

Jon quickly carried a sobbing Alexis up the stairs and laid her on their bed. She turned over on her belly and continued to cry. Jon quickly went into the bathroom and opening the medicine cabinet, found a sedative and came back and laid it on the bedside table with a glass of water.

He then called the airport and asked them to page Richie Sambora. How in the hell was he going to tell Richie that Olivia was dead, he wondered....

* * *

Twenty minutes later Jon had gotten Alexis to take the sedative and she was now sleeping. He had just gotten off the phone with Richie and somehow managed not to tell him what happened. He simply said, the limo would be late and to just wait. He then had Fran keep an eye on Alex and the kids and left for the airport.

When he got there, he found Richie in the waiting area. Richie took one look at his face and said, "What the fuck is going on bro?
Why has it taken two hours for someone to pick me up? And where the hell is Olivia?" Richie had this rather sick feeling in his stomach fearing the worst. He had known Jon for over twenty-five years and he knew all Jon's expressions. The one currently showing was a combination between, sadness, fear and great sympathy.

"Let's just get outta here first Rich," Jon said. They grabbed his luggage which Richie had already fetched from baggage and then left the building and got into the limo.

They were both sitting across from one another. Richie said, "Okay, so tell me where is Olivia? Is she okay?"

Jon took a deep breath and said, "There was an accident on the way to the airport Rich." Richie's face looked strained.
Jon haltingly said, "The limo was hit by a semi truck... head on. The drivers of both vehicles were killed instantly, and... and.."
"Olivia is in the hospital then, right?" Richie asked hopeful.

Jon sighed and then looked him squarely in the eyes, his own eyes full of pain. "I'm so very sorry man, but she didn't make it."

Richie was shocked and didn't say anything for a moment, and then his eyes filled with tears as he said, "She's dead?"

He turned and looked out the window then. "My Liv is dead?"
Jon felt a tear slide out of his eyes as he watched his best friend put his head in his hands.

Quickly he turned to the small bar, and poured two shots of Jack Daniel's whiskey. He waited and after awhile Richie's head came up. Jon had never in all of his life saw Richie look that way. There was so much pain and anguish on his face, that it was almost unbearable to look upon.

"Drink this man," Jon said and handed him the shot. Richie took it with trembling hand and drank it down. Although it didn't stop his grief, it steadied him somewhat.

"I can't believe she's gone. I just talked to her two hours ago, Jon. Sweet Jesus, I loved her!" His voice broke as his eyes filled with tears again. Jon said gently, "I know bro and she loved you too."
Both men sat in silence for awhile and then Richie said, "How is Alexis handling this?"
"She had to be sedated, she was sleeping when I left," Jon told him.
Silence reigned again, the rest of the way and finally the limo pulled into Jon's driveway.

Both of them went indoors. Richie quickly hurried up to his guest room. He needed to be alone and after Jon checked on his kids finding them all in the family room and basically explaining to Stephanie, Jesse and Jacob that there had been a death and that it was Alexis' sister he told them he'd return soon and went back up to the master suite.

He walked over to the bed and saw that Alex was still sleeping but he laid down next to her pulling her body up close to his, kissing her hair. My poor darlin' he thought. Just when things were going so great between you and Olivia, now she's gone. He stroked her hair and after a bit kissed her softly and left the room, heading back downstairs to his children.....

* * *

The funeral for Olivia was a bittersweet yet a truly sad affair. Many of their mutual friends came and quite a few business associates of Olivia's as well as a few Aunts, Uncles and cousins. It was an open casket affair and Olivia looked beautiful, as much as someone deceased can.
Alexis if it were not for Jon's support knew she would not have been able to get through the service.

Jon, Alexis and Richie then all spoke each in turn about what Olivia meant to them.

Jon simply stated that he had been very happy that Richie had found love again and Olivia was
a good person and had made his friend very happy. He said he would miss her.

Alexis said that she had been so happy that her and her sister had put aside their differences and found one another again. She said, "As Olivia's twin I feel like a part of me died right along with her," and then she lost it and Jon had to come up there and lead her sobbing back to her chair.

But it was Richie's words which were the most touching of all. He told them that when they met it was almost love at first sight for him. That in the short time they'd been together he had fallen deeply in love with her and he could see how much she had grown as a person. Her life was back on track, her and her sister had a good relationship, and the both of them wanted to marry and have children. He said he would miss her so much, he missed her right now more than anything. His voice broke and struggling, head bent with his fingers over his eyes, he said, "I love you, Liv. We'll see one another again some day. God rest your soul baby."

Then he stumbled from the podium his face wet with tears as well as everyone else's at the service. Alexis just cried harder into Jon's chest as he stroked her hair, murmuring words of comfort as best as he could.
The service ended with the sounds of the organ playing the beautiful and emotional song, Amazing Grace......


Day, Date, Year Unknown
Titania, The Realm

Kronos and Eos were watching the events unfold on his block for the Adonis Mission. "So it has officially happened," he told Eos.

Both of the deities felt much sympathy for those mortals who had to grapple with a death of a loved one, but knew that the three of them were strong and would eventually get through this tragedy.

After a bit, Kronos went to his desk and Eos sat down in the chair in front of it.

"I am still stunned though at Zeus' verdict for Deianera," she said. "It is my opinion she has gotten off lightly."

Kronos thought about the hearing that both of them had attended. Zeus ruled because of Deianera's great love for Jon, and the fact that she was punished greatly already, finding out that hers and Jon's child would not survive and she would never even see it, he felt that this was punishment enough. So he did not send her nor her Mother to the Underworld but instead allowed them both to remain in Titania. However both were stripped of the powers for at least eight years earth time.

Hekate had been overjoyed to know she would at least be able to still live in the beautiful higher realm and maintain her house and property. Deianera had sunk into a deep depression, and it was hard to know if she was relieved or not. However Hekate vowed to try and help her daughter find some kind of happiness. That was her new goal. There were plenty of Gods in the realm. She wanted her daughter to find love and find someone who could love her back. So she vowed to devote most of her time to trying to make this come true.

Right now, though Deianera still retained her palace she was staying with Hekate, as her Mother was concerned about her and wanted to try and help her recover from this horrible ordeal as well as to help her move forward so that she could heal eventually.

Kronos had been leafing through the prophecy book his mind lost in thought. He suddenly looked up and said to Eos, "There's another new prophecy here."
"What does it say?" Eos asked feeling a flutter of fear as most of them had been upsetting.

"It says, "A pregnancy will happen soon."

Eos stared at Kronos and then smiled suddenly. "Oh Kronos, Alexandria will become pregnant?"
"Well we can't be sure but, I would assume that the prophecy must mean her for who else could it be?"

Kronos closed the book and then said, "Would you like a cup of tea, Goddess? I'll get Rhea to whip up some of her tiny delicious little cakes as well."

Eos still smiling said that would be delightful and they both stood and left the room, heading for the outdoors and the lovely terrace, each suddenly in very happy frame of mind....


And so The Adonis Mission was a complete success. Two weeks after the death of Olivia, Alexis woke up one morning with morning sickness. She was amazed to find out that she was pregnant. Her doctor told her the pill was not 100% effective as many people thought.
When Alexis got over the shock she was actually quite happy about it yet a bit concerned about Jon's reaction, but she needn't be. Jon was thrilled, and promptly asked her to marry him, in which she said yes, crying and laughing...

Thalia having done her part in the mission's success was rewarded. Her choice of course was to be with Jahn Bontykir. She opted to amalgamate permanently with her past life self, Tasha, and was now living her life in Jahn's time.

It was two years later from the time Alexis had given birth. Jon had bought the house that he had formerly been renting. He decided he loved the area and it had wonderful memories for him. So Alexis had put her own house up on the market, and after their wedding she had moved in with Jon in his huge estate.

This day they were out on the lawn flanking the Yorks. Their son, named Justin Oliver was having his 2nd birthday.

He was a beautiful toddler, strong, healthy and beyond his years, with pale blond hair cut to match his 5 year old brother Romeo's, (the bowl cut) which was who he was playing ball with at the moment.

Alexis and Stephanie were sitting in the rose garden and Stephanie was telling her about her newest boyfriend. Not long after Jon had announced he was marrying again to the children, Stephanie became more interested in her soon to be stepmother, and soon surprising to no one but Alexis they became close. Plus Stephanie loved Justin just like a sister should, and Jesse and Jacob were even charmed by the little fellow. They were glad to have another brother.

Suddenly Romeo who tore by his Dad saying he had to wee ran into the house and Jon who had been watching Jacob and Jesse playing with a remote control airplane, strolled over to Justin and picked up the ball. He threw it to his son who caught it easily and Jon was amazed how good he was at only 2 years of age. They kept on and Justin didn't miss one ball.
They were having so much fun that they didn't notice the very tall man standing next to a large tree over on the far side of the lawn watching them. But then suddenly Justin announced he had to use the potty and took off. As Jon bent to retrieve the ball, and then stood, he caught a glimmer of something silver shining in the sunlight. He stared and saw the man. He recognized him instantly.

He hurried over and noticed that the man was dressed in a simple pair of jeans and a T shirt. His long dark hair was spilling over his shoulders. His hourglass earring still hung from his ear and that was what had caught Jon's attention.

"Kronos!" Jon said awed as all the memories returned.
"Hello John!" Kronos returned the greeting.

"What brings you here?" Jon asked puzzled.
"Just wanted to see for myself how Justin was doing," Kronos replied. "He is quite beyond his years, isn't he?" the timekeeper asked.
And Jon of course now understood why Justin was so. But then he had a million questions for the timekeeper, which Kronos answered. Mostly about what happened to Deianera, Thalia and others.

Kronos explained leaving out the part about the child and Jon seemed at peace with the sentence Zeus had given to Deianera. Kronos told him, that Deianera had suffered for a long time from severe depression but was doing a lot better. Recently she fell in love with a God from the higher realm and seemed very happy. Jon was happy and relieved as well to hear this.
But then he said, "Kronos I have to ask you something else. When we last saw each other, you knew about Olivia's death didn't you?"
Kronos hesitated and then finally admitted he did.
"But why didn't you tell me or warn me?" Jon asked.
"John, would it have changed anything? When I found out about that prophecy, I wanted to try and prevent it from happening, but my Son forbade me. He felt that to meddle with time further might result in even more disasters. I am sorry that I could do nothing," he finished.

Jon was quiet for a moment. Then Kronos said, "How is Richard?" Although Kronos knew of course having watched a block recently he wanted to hear Jon's opinion.

"He's doing well actually," Jon replied. "A year ago he met someone who helped him with his grief and they fell in love and are married now. She's a great gal named Jennifer Sundquist, a photographer who Richie met while doing a photo shoot."
"So he's happy then?" Kronos asked.
"So much so," Jon said, "That they are expecting their first child together."

Kronos then felt more at peace hearing and seeing the truth in Jon's words and face.

Suddenly both Romeo and Justin returned to the lawn and Jon stiffened. "It's okay John," Kronos said, "I have a cloaking effect going and you're the only one who can see me."

Jon relaxed then but as Romeo picked up the ball, Justin turned and seeing his Dad hurried over on his little toddler legs. "Daddy!" Justin said smiling.
Jon picked him up and then Justin turned his head and stared at Kronos. "Who's he daddy?"

Both Jon and Kronos wore twin looks of surprise on their faces.
"You can see me?" Kronos asked the little boy.

"Uh huh," Justin told him solemnly. "I like that earring!" He pointed at Kronos' ear as both Jon and the Timekeeper chuckled, and said, "Thank you son. And in answer to your question, I'm an old friend of your dad's."
Justin smiled again and then wiggled, signaling that he wanted to get back to his ball game with his brother and Jon put him down...

They watched the young immortal run back over as Romeo threw him a ball and Justin quickly caught it.
"So he already has some power," Kronos commented marveling at the boy.

"Kronos," Jon said, "still watching his son, I have a favor."
Kronos looked at him, his eyes curious. "What is it?"

"I don't want you to erase my memories this time. Is that possible?"

Kronos hesitated thinking about Olivia carrying Jon's child and realized there was no reason he should worry about that. After all it wasn't part of Jon's memories because he'd never knew that fact. He said, "Yes, but are you sure this is what you wish?"
"Positive," Jon said. "You see it's much easier for me knowing all of it and not being mystified as to why my Son is the way he is. Now I know and I don't want that knowledge to disappear."

"But what about Alexandria?" Kronos asked.
"Well I see no need for her to know as of yet, but there may be a time that I feel it is necessary. Is there a way I can contact you? he asked the dark haired man.

Kronos promptly reached inside of his pocket and pulled out the miniature hourglass he had once given Thalia. "Put this in an out of the way place in your study and when you need me just concentrate on the hourglass and say my name."

Jon thanked him and pocketed the hourglass. As Alexis came walking across the lawn, Kronos said goodbye as they shook hands. He then disappeared soundlessly.

Jon turned and walked over and met Alexis half way as she said, "I could have sworn it almost looked like you were shaking hands with someone, yet no one was there." She looked around as her face looked puzzled.

"And why on earth would I be shaking hands with someone who isn't there?" Jon asked his face innocent, with eyebrows raised. "You're imagining things baby."
"I s'pose so," Alexis said laughing shortly.
She said, "Listen in about an hour I'm taking Justin and we're gonna visit Olivia's gravesite. I need to replace some flowers there hon."
"Okay baby, do you want me to come with?" he asked stroking her jaw lightly.
"Nah, I think just me and Justin this time," she said as she thanked him and then took his hand and kissed his fingertips.

He then pulled her close as they kissed lingeringly and then turned to watch the children on what was developing into a very beautiful summer's day.....


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