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The Adonis Mission (Chapter Eighteen) Undoing the Damage

Saturday, July 21st
Cape Neddick, Maine

Alexis later that afternoon had arrived at her hotel in New York City and had just finished up unpacking her single overnite bag. She had just gotten off the phone with Sydney her editor and she had an hour before she would be meeting with the woman so they could then head to the book signing. Taking out her travel alarm she set it and then lay down on the bed intending to sleep maybe for a half hour, and closed her eyes.

Thalia however had been thinking about Jahn and how much she missed him. Wondering where he was now and wanting so much to be with him again. Before Alexandria left, she had concentrated on the hourglass in her host's bedroom and Kronos had appeared briefly.
She'd asked him if she could visit Jahn again and he told her she could but only for a couple of days.

Earlier, after they'd returned from the past he'd given her a tiny little portal which he told her to be sure and keep it somewhere safe. She'd put it next to the hourglass in the same corner of Alexandria's bedroom but she'd had no chance to leave her host's body so that she could use it, until now.
She'd made sure she packed the tiny portal while Kronos was still there, inside of Alexandria's handbag and Kronos then put an invisibility charm on it so no one could see it but her. It was hidden away in a zippered section and hopefully Alexandria would not discover it.
Now as Alexandria fell asleep, Thalia got off the bed and walked toward the dresser opening her host's bag and reached in and found the portal. Crossing the room she put it in a corner and then placed a potted plant that was standing nearby in front of it.

Then going back and laying back down she did the reverse amalgamation ritual, adding the words Kronos had told her so that her strands would enter the portal. Soon her strands floated out and made their way to the corner and one by one entered the tiny opening. Finally the last strand disappeared and Thalia a moment later found herself standing in the forest in Newfoundland once again.

Hurrying, she headed toward the beach, her heart beating rapidly, excitement spurring her onward to her love, Jahn....


Day, Date, Year Unknown
Titania, The Realm

When Hekate and Deianera vanished, Kronos, along with Eos and Gaia immediately returned to his study a split second later.
Once there, he hurried toward the Immortal block and switched it on. However as he scanned the front of Deianera's estate, as well as Hekate's he could not find any movement.

Turning back to the two goddesses he saw that they were talking in low voices.

Eos said, "Kronos this is the worst news. Could Deianera have been telling the truth? Is Olivia pregnant with John Francis' child?"
"How could this be?" Gaia asked.

"I am as much in the dark as you are, goddesses," he told them. Then he went over and sat at his desk as the other two were seated.

"If it is true," he said, "this will complicate things dreadfully... moreso than discovering Deianera's act of treachery."
He rubbed his forehead and then said, "Gaia alert your sentries to be on the lookout for them both and Eos notify Nyx."

The women concentrated sending out mental commands to the guards as Kronos opened the Prophecy Book, leafing through it to see if he could find any new additions. But after a few minutes, seeing nothing new he gave it up.

Rhea entered the room then and said, "Dearest, dinner is now ready."

Kronos invited both Gaia and Eos to sup with him so they could discuss this latest event further and they both accepted and followed him into the dining room, sitting at a large polished mahogany table. The table had fine crystal and plates of china. Beautiful cream linen napkins were next to each plate with a large basket of wild roses in the middle of the table. On either side were medium tall lit pillar candles providing a warm inviting glow to the room.

As they sat, their empty plates suddenly filled with mouth watering dishes, such as Braised beef, tiny new potatoes, and an assortment of roasted tuberous vegetables. Next to their plates sat small salad bowls containing Caesar salad.
Their empty wine glasses were filled and a platter of mouth watering fresh baked Italian bread appeared on each end of the table.

As the deities ate, they discussed the recent events with Gaia remarking that perhaps Deianera was lying about Olivia being pregnant, or at best, mistaken.
Kronos took a sip of his wine and then said, "Deianera knows full well what would happen if she were to be caught in a lie but, it is possible she could be mistaken."
He took a bite of his excellent beef, chewed and swallowed and continued, saying, "However if Deianera is indeed pregnant with John's child it makes it really risky for me to try and undo. I could of course, go back in time slightly before the coupling between John and Olivia and try to prevent it, but as you know meddling with time sometimes has rather unexpected results."

Kronos remembered an incident in which he had done just that and the outcome had been disastrous. He'd changed an event preventing a pregnancy, only to discover later that the child would have ultimately found a cure for a terrible ravaging disease still afflicting current day earth to this day. The child, once grown to adulthood would have found the cure for cancer.
He only was made aware of that because of a prophecy that he'd noticed several days before, saying that in the year 2000, a cure for cancer would be found.

However after Kronos meddled and prevented the birth, when he consulted the book again, he could not find that prophecy. It was simply erased as if it had never existed.

The reason he had interfered to begin with was that the mortal woman who was pregnant had been raped by Hades his own brother who had secretly amalgamated with another mortal, in order to carry out his plan. But this particular mortal woman had been chosen by another God, Ares, to mate with and once the God of War discovered Hades' treachery, he'd reported his findings to Zeus.

Zeus asked Kronos if he could undo the damage and Kronos' costly mistake was that he should have consulted the prophecy book once again before he attempted to do so.

But with two of the Gods breathing down his neck to set things right, one of which was his son, he hurried to take care of the problem, forgetting to check the book.

Later he discovered that particular prophecy was no longer living. Since he knew prophecies disappeared or were erased when someone had meddled with time and knowing he had been the only one that had done so, he realized the truth then.

Zeus shortly thereafter, even though he himself had ordered Kronos to change the event, forbade him to go back and try to correct it again, saying they could not be sure if anything else would happen if he attempted it, due to all the variables related to the act.

Meddling with time was a tricky thing, and that is why Kronos did not often attempt it.

The deities finished their meal and then once again headed to Kronos' study. As they entered, Kronos glanced at the Immortal block and saw that it was lit up. The three walked over and they found themselves looking into a dimly lit cave, which only had torches mounted on the wall providing a small amount of light.

Suddenly a woman appeared. It was Deianera they were shocked to see. As she started speaking Kronos reached for the control to increase the sound.

"Greetings Kronos," Deianera began, "It is too bad that you and the others discovered the truth regarding John Francis and Olivia. But I do not regret what I did for I am deeply in love with John and have been for hundreds of years. I did what I did out of love and lust for him. I know he will never love me but I so desired at least one time to lay with him and at the same time found a way to insure that I would always have a reminder of our time together." She smiled and said, "It was an easy thing to switch Olivia's contraceptive pills with fakes, as I studied your blocks and found information that you had done the same with Alexandria's contraception."

She turned then and walked slowly to the left as the viewer followed. Suddenly visible now they saw a cement slab and on top of the slab in a prone position they saw a woman. Deianera walked closer to the woman and then they realized with some trepidation that it was Hekate, her Mother.

"My mother unfortunately had some stirring of conscience and told me she was going to confess to what we had done. She was going to go to Zeus and yourself and reveal where our location is. Well you see, I could not allow this." She paused briefly and then said, "But don't worry she is not dead, just sleeping." She turned from her Mother then and walked away.

"The reason I am standing here is because I want to make a deal with you Kronos." She then sat down on another small slab of rock and said, "Amnesty for my Mother and myself in return for something you want very badly."

Kronos looked at the other two goddesses and said, "What could she possibly have that I would want?"
But Gaia and Eos faces both wore twin looks of puzzlement as well.

"You are wondering perhaps," Deianera continued, "what it could be that I possess which you would also desire?"

Deianera stood again and this time walked to the right. She stopped by a wall, and there huddled against it, her arms tied up over her head with obviously some invisible cording, her feet bound as well, sat a wild eyed disheveled Alexandria.

The three deities gasped and Kronos exclaimed, his face stunned, "How did she get Alexandria???"

"She cannot speak," Deianera told them, "as I have put a spell on her to render her temporarily mute."

She turned then and went back to her chair of rock.

"I had intended to abduct Alexandria even though I knew that Thalia the Goddess of Eternal Love and Healing was amalgamated with her, but my plan was to use a holding spell so that I would not receive any interference from the deity.

But when I arrived, I found that Alexandria had left for another city and luckily I found her book with the name of the establishment she would be staying at. Once there I found that I did not have to use any holding spell after all, because suddenly I witnessed Thalia doing a reverse amalgamation, with her threads entering a tiny invisible portal. Invisible to all except a deity's eyes.
I would assume this was done to visit her lover in the past, the Viking ?" She smiled again. "It was simple at that point to amalgamate with Alexandria and after I did, I simply returned to the portal that was waiting behind the Inn."

All three deities were amazed thinking identical thoughts, that they had not given enough credit to this young goddess.
"She is quite the enchantress, is she not?" Kronos asked nobody in particular.

"But be that as it may," Deianera said, "you now see that I spoke the truth. I DO have something you desire. Do you not agree, Kronos?" She stood then.

"In one hour you will receive a contract which you and your Son Zeus must sign agreeing to my terms. You will have two hours after that to make your decision and by that time you must return the contract. If you do not agree, or return the contract, then Alexandria will not be returned to you until after the deadline arrives signaling the closure of The Adonis Mission. After that I will then return her unharmed, as it was never my intention to harm her."

She walked over to Alexandria again, who sat there with tears falling down her cheeks. Her face, a study in abject misery, displaying shock, fear and pain, a sight that moved all three of the deities who watched...

"I am sure you will do the right thing, Kronos," Deianera said smiling again, and then the screen went blank...


A little over an hour later, Jon woke up and crawled out of bed. Shit, he thought. He didn't even remember coming upstairs from his study. He must have been really tired..

He stumbled into the bathroom and relieved himself and as he had a taste in his mouth that was less than desirable, used a bit of mouthwash, then washed his face and hands. He felt a bit more refreshed after that but he realized he was hungrier than a grizzly. Glancing at the clock sitting on his nightstand, his stomach growling, he made his way downstairs to the kitchen.

It was only 4pm a little too early for dinner, but spying the fruit bowl which Fran had recently replenished he grabbed a rosy apple and then headed for his study again.

He sat down and took a bite of the apple setting it aside, and then picked up his cell phone. Dialing Alexis' hotel, he asked the clerk to connect him and waited while it rang, but she didn't pick up. So then he found her cell number and called that, but still it rang finally going into voice mail.

"Hey baby, Jon here. Just wanted to see if you were settled in. I miss you hon... Give me a call when you have a chance.. Love you"... he hung up then and started back in on his work....


The three deities stood there for a moment, none of them speaking and then Kronos said, "We need to see my Son."

"But Kronos," Eos said, if you tell him this newest development he will close the mission for certain."

"Not true, goddess," Kronos replied. "He has to honor the deadline that Heaven himself, put out. We still have until tomorrow night at midnight to work this out and get Alexandria back."

So the three of them concentrated until they found themselves at Zeus' doorway. This time there were no tricks or silly games from the high God they were all relieved to see.

They went through the double doors at the estate and made their way to his study.

Zeus' face, after hearing Kronos out, went through a multitude of emotions, from surprise, to pain at Alexandria's tribulations, to worry lines showing on his forehead.

He was silent for a moment, sitting behind his large desk as the other three sat in comfortable chairs in front of him.

Then he stood and started pacing. He said, "I am afraid things have gotten out of hand. There is only one solution," he said. "We need to make a journey."

"But Son," Kronos said, "We have no idea where the goddesses hiding place is, they could be anywhere."

"I was not talking about going on a rescue mission Father," Zeus replied.

"Then whatever do you mean?" Kronos asked. "What other journey would we be taking?"

Zeus stopped his pacing and turned as three pairs of eyes studied him.

"The journey I was referring to is in the Outer Realm," he stated. "We must visit Heaven himself".....


As the three other deities digested this, stunned into silence, finally Kronos found his voice and said, "Visit Heaven? But Son, no one has visited Heaven in eons. The last two or three that tried met with failure."

"That's not entirely correct Kronos" Zeus replied, "for I myself, visited Heaven just a few days ago. Even though I admit it was him who called the meeting, so getting through the barrier to the Outer Realm was not a problem. However I believe that the reasons the other deities failed is because they each went alone. With the four of us going, we have a greater chance of succeeding because of our combined powers," he told them.

Just then a fair haired nymph wearing a gown of silk which floated around her bare ankles, entered the room. She bowed in front of the Gods and then at Zeus' command she walked over to him and handed him a scroll that she held in her hand.

"Who delivered this?" Zeus demanded of the nymph.
"I do not know Imminence," the nymph replied. It was found outside in the entranceway a moment ago."
Then bowing once again she left the room.

Zeus unrolled the scroll and read the following to the others:

I, Zeus, Ruler of the Inner Realm and High God over all, and I, Kronos, Timekeeper of the Universe and Father of Zeus do hereby find:

Deianera, Goddess of Erotic Desire and Magic and Hekate, Goddess of Witchcraft and Magic, absolved of all charges against them including:

1. Conspiring to use magic without the knowledge of the others for their own personal gain.

2. Amalgamating with a host chosen for a mission.

3. Using a seduction spell on the mortal chosen for the mission.

4. Using magic against a mortal woman to cause conception.

5. Abducting and holding the mortal woman, Alexandria Isabella Grey, hostage.

At the bottom it said:

We agree to all of the above in exchange for the safe return of Alexandria Isabella Grey.

Signed: Deianera Goddess of Erotic Desire and Magic

Signed_________________ Signed ___________________

Zeus asked, looking at his Father, "How long did Deianera give us until she expects an answer?"

Kronos said, "Two hours my Son."

"Then we'd best be off," Zeus told them.

The four of them then headed for Kronos' portal room. The portal would take them to the edge of the Inner realm, that's as far as it would go. To go further would be a task the four of them would have to figure out....


"Thank you so much for coming," Olivia said shaking the hand of the last of the designer's who would be creating her own special scent for her perfume and body lotions.

As the last of them went out the door, Olivia kicked her pumps off and picking them up headed upstairs. Lord but she was tired after that and since she'd been a bit too excited to eat dinner she'd asked Marie to bring her up a plate after the guests left.

Once inside her room she quickly stripped off her suit and hung it back in her closet and then went over to the dresser and opened a drawer removing a pair of simple track shorts and a tee shirt. As she dressed, her eyes fell on her packet of birth control pills and she still wondered how she could have overlooked them, when she'd gotten up in the middle of the night last night. Unless of course she didn't get up, that she dreamed it for they were laying right where she left them.

Just then a tap sounded at the door and Olivia said, "Come in."

Marie walked in with a tray. "Thanks Marie. You're an angel," Olivia said smiling at her, "just put it down over on the table."

Marie placed the tray on the table by the window and then smiled shyly and left the room.

Olivia quickly sat, her nose in heaven at that point, noticing that there was a strip steak, baked potato and steamed green beans along with a couple of warm dinner rolls. Marie had also provided a glass of wine as well.

Olivia dug into the food as if she hadn't had a meal for days. As she ate she thought about Richie. Lord but she missed him so much, even though he'd only been gone a few hours.

After she finished her dinner she took the tray and set it outside the door, then got on her bed picking up her cell phone from the dresser on the way. She quickly dialed Richie's cell phone and a minute he answered.

"Hey baby! How's my favorite girl?" he asked. "Missing you," she replied. She went on to ask him how his Mother was doing and then went on to tell him about her meeting with the team of designers....


After leaving the portal, the four of them were standing on a tremendously infinite black marble platform that stretched as far as the eye could see. There were no walls and surrounding them was the universe with twinkling stars, planets, nebulae. This was where the entry point was to the Outer Realm. All was silent and motionless.

Zeus thought back to when he had been here just a couple of days ago. Once here, Heaven had simply provided a glowing doorway for him to step through. However there was no doorway presently.

Eos spoke up then. "Your Imminence," she said to Zeus, "how exactly do we enter the Outer Realm?"

"That goddess, is what we have to determine," Zeus replied.

Kronos waved his hand suddenly, using the power to reveal. But nothing changed. Then as Eos was the goddess of the dawn she too concentrated and although their surroundings brightened a bit, it was still quite dark.
Gaia tried then and concentrated looking for any signs of animal or other life in the near vicinity, but all remained silent.

Finally Zeus who was the God of the Air and sky waved his hand and though thunder was heard this too died out and all was as before.

Kronos then tried a vocal message. He said, "Heaven my Father, please allow us entrance. We have something urgent to discuss with you." They waited but still there was no response of any kind.

Zeus had been pacing back and forth and suddenly said, "Let us concentrate and try using our combined powers."

The four deities then stood still with eyes closed and concentrated calling up their powers as best as they could. After a moment they opened their eyes and saw that the darkness had lessened. As they looked up into the panorama of space, they saw a brightly glowing star, which as they watched, visibly brightened and seemed to be moving toward them.

The star got larger and closer and then suddenly formed into an arched doorway to settle down upon the platform.

"Enter," they heard a commanding male voice say.

The four of them walked across the platform and one by one entered through the doorway.....


Two hours later and Jon was pretty much caught up with his projects. Leaving his study he grabbed his cell phone and headed to the family room. Pouring himself a coke he sat on the couch and then checked his phone messages. Still no voice mail from Alex, he thought. Just as he was about to locate her contact number his phone rang..

"Hello?" he said.
"Hello..." a feminine voice said. Is this Mr. Bongiovi?"
"Yes it is," Jon answered.
"This is Sydney Green, Alexandria's publicist," she told him. "I don't know how to tell you this Mr. Bongiovi,"...
"Call me Jon," he said interrupting.
"Jon, it appears that Alexandria is missing."

Jon said, "What do you mean missing?"

"She was supposed to meet me down in the lobby of her hotel and she never showed. After waiting I got the concierge to unlock her hotel door, and she wasn't there. All of her things are there but she is missing!"

Jon felt a flicker of panic start to set in. "Maybe she just went out for awhile or something," he said.
"No, I don't believe that is the case," the editor replied. "Alexis is very prompt, she's never late and she knew when we would be going to the bookstore for the signing."
There was a short silence and then Jon said, "Have you called the police yet?"

"No," Sydney replied. "I called you first. I'm using Alexis' phone and that's how I was able to find your number. The police, you know won't file a missing persons report until twenty-four hours have passed anyway. Besides if Alexandria is somewhere safe I didn't want to involve the authorities, not until I spoke to you at least," she said.

Jon asked her for her number and then said he would call and see how soon he could get a flight and he'd call her back then.
Sydney told him she already had a suite at the hotel, and gave him her room number and Jon said he would talk to her shortly, closing his phone.

Feeling a sick feeling of dread in his stomach, he opened his cell phone finding the contact number for the airport and pressed the button....


When the four deities stepped through the door, they abruptly found themselves standing on the edge of a high cliff over a chasm that was at least a quarter of a mile wide. On the other side was a huge mountain.
Suddenly in the mountain appeared a face, although it was only a rough resemblance to a human for there were only two eyes, a hint of a nose and a mouth. The eyes opened and were a pale blue and then the mouth began to move.

"Why have you interrupted me from my work?" A voice that sounded like a cool stream in a sunlit forest asked, staring straight at Kronos.

At that all four deities dropped to their knees bending forward bowing low, worshiping their creator.

"You may rise," Heaven said.

The four of them got to their feet again, and Kronos said, "Greetings my Father and my creator. It has been far too long since we have seen each other."

"Kronos, my Son," Heaven replied, "Yes, running the entire universe takes up most of my time." He then turned his eyes toward the others. "Greetings grandson," he said to Zeus and then said to Eos and Gaia, "And to you goddesses as well."

He looked back at Kronos and said, "Now I assume you have come about the recent events that have taken place in Titania?"

All four of them knew that Heaven saw everything, so it was no surprise that he already knew why they were there.
Zeus said, "As the ruler of the Inner Realm, after deliberating I felt that we needed your council Heaven, before things became even more complicated."

The face was quiet for a moment then said, "Yes. Alright then come across and enter the door at the base of the mountain."

The four of them seeing no bridge or anything that they could walk on looked at one another and then Eos said, "Let us just think ourselves across Kronos."
But Zeus said, "Our powers do not work in the Outer Realm Goddess." He knew this because at his last meeting with Heaven he had tried to think himself directly back to his estate instead of making his way out to the platform at the edge of the Inner realm, which is where he'd come from.

Heaven seeing their confusion then, said, "Have no fear, the bridge is invisible."
However the mountain rumbled slightly and then tiny dots of light lit up either side of the bridge showing them where to walk.

Kronos went first, stepping out on what appeared to be thin air, but found there was solidness underneath his feet. Following him was Zeus and then Gaia and Eos.

A short time later, they were on the other side and stepped off the bridge. Before them was an arched black door which stood partially open and the four of them walked over and entered the mountain.

They found themselves in a large room with translucent alabaster walls. At the far side of the room was a large throne like chair upon which a man sat. The man looked to be in his middle years with a calm kindly face, light blue eyes, and had hair that was long and golden blond. He was wearing a gown of white and at the waist were cords of gold braiding.

The man gestured to the couch that was sitting a few feet from him. "Be seated," he said to the four of them. However most of them had never laid eyes on Heaven before and as they headed for the couch they kept stealing glances at their creator.
The last time Zeus had been in his presence he had only heard a voice, but had not seen him.
Kronos had of course seen his Father long ago, but he did not resemble in any way, the man who was before them now.

As if Heaven sensed his son's confusion said, "I have chosen to resemble the image of a man, for my natural form would be too distracting to you all."

As the four deities sat, suddenly on the table in front of them small cups bearing hot beverages appeared before each of them.

"It is a new tea, that one of my minions invented called Starry Starry Night," Heaven told them.
Kronos had picked up his cup and looked inside and there was what appeared to be a night sky with tiny stars twinkling back at him. Kronos took a sip as did the others. The flavor was similar to peppermint with a touch of anise. Not unpleasant he thought as the others agreeing with him, complimented the High God.

"So the facts are," Heaven began, "that Deianera Goddess of Erotic Desire and Witchcraft along with her Mother Hekate, have been interfering dreadfully regarding the Adonis Mission."

"Do you know where they are?' Zeus asked his Grandfather.

Heaven, smiling faintly, looked at Zeus yet said nothing.

"I apologize my Lord," Zeus said, slightly flushing and said, "Of course you do. But exactly what in your estimation, do you suggest we do to get this problem straightened out with as few repercussions as possible?"

Heaven began speaking then as the others listened intently.....


A few minutes later Jon phoned Sydney again and told her that his plane would be leaving in an hour. Then afterward he hurried upstairs and quickly packed a bag, and then had the limo driver take him to the airport.

On the way again he dialed Sydney's number again and said, "Sydney did you find Alex's handbag and other personal effects?"

Sydney told him that everything was there, clothes, personal effects as well as her handbag.

"Were there any signs of a struggle?" Jon asked but Sydney said no there wasn't. That everything was in neat order in the room. "The thing of it is Jon," she said, "is that her hotel key was there in plain site on the bureau, yet the door had been locked."

Then Jon had a terrible feeling of panic and said, "What about the windows? Did you check the windows?"
Sydney told him she had, that they were all locked as well.

Jon was afraid still that someone had perhaps kidnapped her. For Alex would not have gone out without her phone or purse. Yet how could that be, for if someone had kidnapped her how could the door be locked and the key still inside? Unless there had been an extra key maybe.

After he hung up with Sydney he sat there his mind in turmoil.

Worried beyond belief, he suddenly picked up his phone and dialed Richie's number. Maybe Richie would have some input as to why no one could find her.....


Later as the four deities returned from the Outer realm, to Titania they sat around in Kronos' study discussing their plan of action.
As Kronos and Zeus consulted the prophecy book before Kronos would then lay out the steps they would take to resolve this latest bit of drama, Gaia and Eos talked quietly.

"It was quite a surprise, Eos," Gaia said to the taller fair haired goddess, "that Heaven actually wants to bring John Francis into this."

"Yes, I agree, Gaia," Eos replied. Then each of the women thought back to the instructions Heaven had given them.

Heaven had told them that he knew where the two goddesses were, as no one can hide from him, but due to the goddess's increasing command of the dark arts, this entire plan must be handled in a very cautious and precise manner.

Kronos suggested they enlist the aid of the other deities in the realm but Heaven nixed the idea saying there was no need to involve the other deities, the less involved the better. For if they were successful in capturing the two rogue goddesses, all of the Realm would soon find out about it anyway. But best to worry about that later he told them.

Heaven did agree that if they felt it necessary they could enlist the services of Nyx as she already knew much of what was going on with this latest interference, he told them.

He then said that Kronos was to return to earth and seek out John. He would restore his memories of their recent adventure together, in regards to rescuing Alexandria from the ancient past. This would be necessary due to the fact that time was of the essence here, and if John recognized him, Kronos would not have to waste more time convincing the mortal of who he was, as before.
He must try and convince John that all is being done to rescue his beloved.

Gaia and Eos were interrupted then from their thoughts as Kronos shut the book and informed them that no new prophecies were found. As all four of them were seated, Kronos picked up the scroll which was the contract and reaching for his feather pen, signed his name. Then Zeus promptly did the same.

Kronos mentally sent a command for his servant girl and a second later she appeared, and handing the scroll to her, told her to place it outdoors on the landing.

She left the room then and as the four waited talking about the upcoming mission, a minute later the girl returned and said "Imminence, I did set the scroll down as you ordered, and it disappeared a few seconds afterward."

Kronos thanked the girl and she left then.

Suddenly the Immortal block lit up as before. The four of them stood and hurried over to it and saw that upon the black screen were printed the coordinates.

Kronos studied them and said, "They are at the Cave Mountains of Western Titania."
He turned to them and said, "I will now leave for earth and when I return if all goes well, I will have the mortal with me."

Then he walked across the floor and went through the door to the portal room.
A minute later he was on his way to earth.....


Jon, having no luck reaching Richie, closed his phone and laid his head back. He had left a voice mail telling Richie nothing except to call him immediately upon hearing the message.

Soon the limo arrived at the airport and Jon quickly boarded...

An hour and a half later he arrived at La Guardia airport and hailing a limo had the driver take him to Alex's hotel.

Twenty minutes later the limo dropped him and Jon hurried in. As he headed for the desk, he heard his name called and turning he saw a slim forty something dark haired woman approach. "Jon? Hi I'm Sydney," she held out her hand and he shook it briefly.

"Let me take you up to Alexis' room," Sydney said, and Jon said, "I assume you have her key?"
"Yes, I do," she said. "I took it from the room after the concierge let me in."

They took the elevator and a moment later arrived at the fifth floor. Leaving the elevator, Jon followed Sydney down the hall and soon she stopped by a door that said 2318.

Sydney put the key in and turned it and they both entered then.

Jon looked around at the living area of the suite. Everything was neat and orderly. He saw Alex's handbag laying on the coffee table and went over and was just about to grab it when Sydney said, "Maybe you shouldn't touch it Jon, after all it might be evidence."

Jon dug into his jacket then and removed a pair of leather gloves, putting them on and carefully started looking through the purse, but didn't find anything out of the ordinary.

Then he walked into the bedroom. Everything there was as it should be. He saw Alex's cell phone laying on the dresser and picked it up and then looked at her outgoing calls.

The last call was to him about 2 hours ago it said. There was one also to Sydney. He showed Sydney and she said that yes Alexis had phoned her after she'd arrived at the hotel.

"Have you checked your phone messages Sydney?" Jon asked the woman. "Not since I spoke to you last Jon, as my phone is in my room still. I've been downstairs this whole time searching the hotel for any signs of Alexis, questioning people and asking them if they saw a beautiful dark haired woman recently. I didn't give her name though as I didn't want to start rumors."

"Can you go check your phone?" Jon asked. "If Alexis is in trouble perhaps she might have managed to get to a phone somehow."

Sydney told him she'd do that and said she'd be back in a few. She left the suite then as Jon returned to the living area. Still with the gloves on, he went over to the bar and poured a shot of bourbon and then grabbing the bottle walked back across the room and sat down on the sofa.

He rubbed his forehead and then drank the shot and sat the glass down. Where are you Alex? he wondered. He didn't think he could bear it if anything bad had happened to her. He needed to call the police. Something was definitely strange about this whole thing.

He was just reaching for his cell phone when his hand froze and then dropped, for he was staring at a very tall, strange looking man, who'd just suddenly appeared a few feet away from him.

A man who was wearing a long silver hooded cape. The stranger had long black hair and piercing silver gray eyes and was holding a strange object in his hand.
It was a large hourglass and as Jon stared not believing his eyes, the man spoke.

"Greetings John Francis," the man said smiling, "We meet again." He bowed slightly and then abruptly waved his hand.....


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